Worldview Training: The Most Important Part of Your Curriculum


This post is from contributor, Tricia Goyer Worldview. It’s the curriculum  we’re teaching every day as homeschool parents. It’s taught without books, charts, maps, or diagrams. It’s taught when we don’t realize we’re teaching it. How we see the world will forever impact how our children see the world. It’s taken me nineteen years of […]

Trusting God with Our Children


This post is from contributor, Monica Heffner There was a time when I decided who I would be friends with, and it was not pretty. You see, I surrounded myself with only Christians. I went to my Christian church on Sunday, and my Christian homeschool groups, my Christian mommy and Bible-study groups, and I even […]

Agree to Disagree: A lesson in living by your own convictions


This post was written by Emily Powers of Teachable Mom-ents     Always buy curriculum. Never buy curriculum. Only buy used curriculum. Just download freebies. Absolutely NO TV. Only educational TV. We don’t even own a TV. TV is the only way I get a shower. Your child should be reading by age four. Don’t […]