Hope for the Disorganized Homeschool Mom {and a Menu Plan}

This post was written by Sarah of Real Food Outlaws You know who you are. You’re the one looking on Pinterest at all the organizing pins and craft ideas and practically hyperventilating because your “homeschool room” consists of an old laundry table that’s piled high with last year’s papers and books. Or maybe you’re the […]

Summertime Lemon Bars

  One of our family’s favorite desserts for summertime are these delicious, easy-to-make Lemon Bars. Every time I serve them I get requests for the recipe and people tell me they don’t usually like lemon bars, but they loved mine. (I did figure that out after they ate three =)  Here is how I make […]

Easy Squash Recipe: Squash Casserole Recipe


I mentioned in my country garden tour post that we are blessed with an abundance of squash. Tonight alone we picked 14. I wanted to share an easy squash recipe that I’ve used to add a little flair to our squash infused lives. Squash Casserole Print Squash Casserole Author: Jamerrill Stewart Recipe type: Main Prep time:  15 […]

How to Make Skinny Soup Recipe (Free Printable Recipe)


  Friday I shared our recipe for homemade cut-out cookies and butter cream icing; now I’m giving you my recipe for Skinny Soup. You see, after you make a few batches of the cookies–you may need this soup. 😉 This soup is healthy and full of vegetable goodness.  You can simply make it with whatever veggies you […]

Homemade Butter Cookies & Butter Cream Icing Recipes


I’ve wanted to share with you the homemade butter cookie and butter cream icing recipe that we love.  It is loaded with sugar and junk that I know my health-minded readers will frown upon.  Everything in moderation, right? The kids enjoy this recipe because they have the opportunity to roll out flour, pound the table, and get […]