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FreeHomeschoolDeals.com is a wildly popular, frugal living homeschool blog that is trusted daily by thousands of homeschool families throughout the world. In 2013 alone, FHD was visited by well over one million unique visitors and continues its rapid growth to this day.

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About Jamerrill Stewart

Hi, my name is Jamerrill Stewart. Most importantly, I’m Jesus’ girl and I strive to walk each day with Him. My husband, Travis, and I have been married over 15 years and have six sweet children who we raise in rural Virginia.

Our days are messy.

Our days are beautiful.

Each day is a paradox of classic, read-aloud literature, leaking sippy cups, mountains of laundry, and bouquets of wild flowers picked from around our pond.

We work hard, and we play hard.

Most importantly, our family, like countless homeschooling families, has sacrificed hard through the years to keep our God-given homeschool dream alive.

Through me working full-time as a night-shift nurse during our first three years of homeschooling, during unexpected unemployment for my husband, learning to be content in our run down old farm house,  and more – we’ve continued this journey with faith. We’ve quickened our steps on the endurance of hope that these homeschool years are to be treasured, and consequently are worth the effort and teamwork.

Jamerrill Stewart

Most of the over-10-years in which I’ve homeschooled my children have been completed with a nearly non-existent budget.

Many years I’ve only had the Bible, our library card, thrift stores, and a little cheap printer ink, accompanied by a $3 pack of paper from Wal-mart as our homeschool foundation.

It’s those lean years of having to hunt the web for free homeschooling resources that helped birth the vision for this website and also inspired my free eBook Homeschooling for Free and Frugal.

Now, along with homeschooling our children and running our household, I also work from home running the business of this site. Additionally, I’m active in the homeschool community as a conference speaker for the Teach Them Diligently Conventions and  Great Homeschool Conventions.

My newest project is my new Video Channel JamerrillStewart.TV where I share weekly videos on Homeschooling, Motherhood, and Family Life!

You can also find my weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources on MoneySavingMom.com.

About the FreeHomeschoolDeals.com Team

I started FreeHomeschoolDeals.com with the prayer of helping other homeschooling families and expanding my family’s grocery budget slightly so we could do radical things like buy more fruit.

Because of my loyal readers from my first blog, Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling.net, FHD became an overnight success and, just as quickly, a full-time job for me.

This I wasn’t prepared for. Since I’m a real homeschool mom, with these six beautiful children, I began praying for a strong team to help me fulfill my vision for this site.

After a long season where I ran this site 100% by myself, many weeks 50+ hours (I wouldn’t suggest that!), and several crash failures along the way, I am so thankful  for the incredible team members who now assist and support me in making this site all it is today!

Jo AnnJo is my personal IRL friend (we have playdates together and talk out life at my kitchen table) turned blogging assistant over a year ago when I desperately needed a VA to give me back-up on this site.  She prepares posts for many homeschool freebies and has created some of FHD’s most popular resource lists.  She is also a homeschool mom of soon-to-be five and blogs at Lasting Thumbprints. I highly suggest her post, 8 Ways to Honor Your Child

Maureen Spell

Maureen Spell: Maureen helps me manage both of my Facebook pages (Free Homeschool Deals & Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling). These pages are highly interactive homeschool communities and have grown to well over 60K readers total–way too much for me to handle on my own on a daily basis and still get afternoon read-alouds done – my favorite time of day as a homeschool mom!  I’m so thankful for Maureen’s wisdom and help with Facebook, graphic design, and other services. Maureen blogs at Spell Out Loud which offers the mother load of free homeschool printables, crafts, preschool science, and Essential Oil knowledge.

Lauren Hill: Lauren assists me in sending out the daily Free Homeschool Deals newsletter to over 35K subscribers. She’s also beginning to help me with additional details and I look forward to her continued support. Lauren blogs at Mama’s Learning Corner where she offers a special members-only community that features high-quality worksheets and printables. Lauren also hosts weekly Google+ Hang-outs just for homeschool moms which I highly recommend!

Lisa Walters: Lisa is my incredible editor who not only edits my work, but also edits the new writing team here on FHD. Lisa’s kind and dedicated manner is seen as she assists the writers and manages their articles for publication. If you need an editor you can find Lisa at For Love of Words. She also blogs at The Army Chap’s Wife.

I’ve also looked to Jeni Elliot with BMavenDesigns for the graphic design work done on this site. Jeni is patient to listen to all of my ideas and helps my vision become a reality.

And lastly, I can’t say enough good things about Amanda Pelser and her skilled technical and VA services. I cannot tell you how many jams Amanda has walked me through and how many nights she has fixed a big issue at 11 p.m. I trust her and her husband Josh’s skills completely.

The FHD Writing  and Free Printables Team

Homeschool Writers

FreeHomeschoolDeals.com also features a team of 5 designers of free printables and, newly added, a team of 20 encouraging homeschool writers!

Here are fun figures for you. The article writing team has a combined total of 127 years of homeschooling experience and a combined total of over 68 children! That is an abundance of homeschooling wisdom, shenanigans, and experience! Meet them on the Contributors page and find their articles under homeschool inspiration.

So you see, here at FHD the freebie slinging, deal shouting, homeschool-frugal-living-creatively-driven-fun never stops!

Hop on the site anytime, day or night, and you never know what bit of homeschool goodness you might find!

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