How I’ve Saved Thousands on Homeschool Curriculum + Used Homeschool Curriculum Haul

  Today on JamerrillStewart.TV I’m sharing a new Vlog of my recent used homeschool curriculum haul. I also talk about our simple homeschool workbox system, a peek at some updates in our homeschool room, an overview of some of my homeschool plans for the 2015-2016 homeschool year. Plus I share a few more thoughts on […]

Homeschooling When You Feel Like You Can’t Afford It

  Over the past decade that we’ve homeschooled, I’ve begun several homeschool years with little to no homeschool budget. It’s not that I didn’t want to spend money on homeschooling. There simply was no money to spend. I’ve always believed, from the time the Lord directed us to homeschool, that He would provide and even […]

Free Complete Online Homeschool Curriculum List

Free Complete Online Homeschool Curriculum List

Free Online Homeschool Curriculum   Part of the beauty of homeschooling is we can do what works best for our family. You may have a tight budget, no budget, a full homeschool budget for the next year already in a savings account, or somewhere in-between. My homeschool family has dabbled in a little bit of […]

Free File Folder Games for Homeschool Learning and Fun! {HUGE Collection}

Free File Folder Games

Free File Folder Games for Homeschool Learning and Fun!   How to Get Started with File Folder Games How to Make File Folder Games – Early Learning Activities A Unique Take on Materials to Make File Folder Games – Little Family Fun File Folder Games – Journey To My Classroom Six Easy Ways To Make A […]

Easy Homemade Play Dough Recipe for Frugal Homeschool Fun!

easy homemade playdough

Last week we had a  perfect day to get a little messy and make homemade play dough. The homemade play dough recipe that I use is pretty much the classic version as you’ll see below. Homemade play dough is PERFECT for frugal homeschool fun! Plus, kids really feel like they’re accomplishing something cool and it’s a […]

20 Ways to NOT BLOW Your Homeschool Budget

20 Ways to NOT BLOW Your Homeschool Budget   This is a guest post from Alicia Kazsuk. She writes about living the beautifully imperfect homeschooling journey at It’s so easy to overspend on a homeschool budget!   There’s just so many great curriculums! So many cool field trips and experiences! And before we know […]

What Makes a Good Homeschool Notebooking Page (with free printables)


Not all notebooking pages are created equal! Here’s a truth: workbooks/worksheets with pre-selected questions which can have only one answer are to learning what salt is to food–a little dab is welcome, but in larger amounts kills all taste and makes the meal horrible! I was brought up to believe that a good student studied […]