How I’m Preparing for a Large Family

My husband and I are open to grow our family in any way that the Lord sees fit; we are preparing for a large family. We see ourselves planning and making choices based on children that we have yet to meet. When we buy a new-to-us vehicle we don’t shop as a family of seven, we shop for twelve. As we plan outside gardens, play areas, and tire swings we talk about how many years of valuable service these features will offer; how many future family memories will be touched by the choices that we are making now.

Our vision is not about numbers, it’s a knowing. Knowing the peace in our hearts that says that God is in control, we’re not, and that is the best place for us to find ourselves. Today I’m sharing at The Better Mom talking about how we’re living the life of faith as we prepare for a large family.




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    This is exciting…. we ended up with a big family but did not envision this life God had planned for us. He is the pilot and we follow. Blessings to you and yours!

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