Our Homeschool Student Pictures 2012-2013

Homeschool Photos

Jadin is twelve.  Ack, I can’t believe that my baby is twelve! Staring at his big feet while on a long road trip last summer inspired me to write Why Homeschool: The Gift of Time.  He’s now about 6-inches taller than me. My hubby is 6 foot 6, and I’m all of 5 foot 3, so Jadin gets the height honestly. And he has a mustache, which is big news around here. Really, time has flown and I am so thankful for these homeschooling years.  He has always been intensely creative. Even in seasons without a lot of artistic supplies he will use what he can gather to invent something grand.  Jadin leads his siblings, helps his momma, mows the grass, and creates stop motion animation Lego movies most afternoons.  He’s praying about his future wife and seeking the Lord’s direction on a career path.  *Tear*

Homeschool Blog

Zion is nine!  He’s our extremely brainy book-worm and resident engineer.  Give him a box of pulleys or origami paper and he’ll be engaged for hours. Zion is sensitive and loves to think up thought-provoking topics. He reads to his siblings and enjoys taking the little boys outside for a run. I’ve always called Zion “my Dandy Lion” and will continue to do so, even when he has a mustache like his big brother. Zion currently wants to study robotics at MIT. He also plans on having eleven kids. Great goals.

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Naomi, Naomi – yes, I have to say her name twice. She’s about to be officially six. Although she tells people that she’s nine.  It’s no secret that Naomi is a fire cracker.  She is all pep and spunk with no pause or mute button. Naomi is the official kitten baby sitter and protector of all bugs.  She can’t wait to be a mommy of real babies one day and loves practicing on her baby brothers.  She’s now torn between being a fire fighter girl or a nurse. Recently she mentioned that she might be a blogger too. 😉

Homeschool Family

Gabriel is three. He is my crossing over baby. It was while I was pregnant with Gabriel that the Lord put on our heart to allow the Lord to direct our family size. Gabriel is currently in love with Thomas the Train (I’m so glad that I saved those), and he begs to build Legos with his big brothers.  He likes to call himself my “biggest little boy.”  One day he plans to “pop out a mustache like Jadin and drive a big green truck.” He’s all boy and sports his loud motor boat noises to prove it.

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Liam is 19 months. If Gabriel is my crossing over baby, than Liam is my first faith baby.  And I look at these pictures above and think where would I be without this sweet blessing of a boy?  He proudly calls out the names of his brothers and sister in the mornings.  I usually wake up to hear Liam calling, “Babe-bri-elle! Babe-bri-elle!” (Gabriel! Gabriel!)  He loves his big brother Gabriel and can’t wait to jump into their day of play together.  Of course he loves all of his siblings and equally calls out to “Omi, Yi-ion, Day-Din” (Naomi, Zion, Jadin). Liam likes to run through the field and pretend everything is another form of a car. He’s another one that is certainly all boy!

New Baby

I’m now 16-weeks with our newest blessing baby. We’ll be meeting this little sweetie next winter.

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  1. Trena Naccarato says

    This is such a great idea! I will have to remember to put something like this together for my little ones. Congrats on the newest faith baby! I am so excited for you and your family. What fabulous blessings you have from the Lord.

  2. Colette says

    I know how you feel. My oldest baby started high school this year, is about to turn 15, and is talking about driving! I feel like I just had her last week! Where does the time go? I keep tearing up realizing that in only 4 short years, she’ll be leaving me to start her own life in the world. I have a two yr old also and she’s growing just as quickly. I try to hug and love on them as much as possible, while I still can. :-)

  3. says

    I love this! I have been perusing the bloghop looking for back to school photo ideas. Today is not our first day but I will be taking the photos today. (We started two weeks ago.) I will be doing a post later on. Thanks for sharing. I love reading about other homeschool families!

  4. Rachel says

    What a beautiful idea! I wish I knew how to do more of that kind of thing. I also am so thankful for the homeschooling time. My oldest is nearing 11, and I have to wonder where the years have gone! And I definitely second the comment on the big feet. His are the same size as mine! He also suggested that our baby girl, who is due in a few weeks, have the middle name of Naomi. However, Daddy already had a name picked out, so although he did get to name the last baby, I think he’ll have to wait on his Naomi =)

  5. Brenda says

    You truly have been blessed. You have a beautiful family. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about each child. I would also like to thank you for sharing. MY DD 22 ans my DS is 6 1/2. Time goes by too fast. Don’t blink :-)


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