Minecraft Homeschool: A Safe Minecraft Server just for Homeschoolers

Note from Jamerrill: My friend Holly from When You Rise Up and iGOBOGO has started a safe minecraft server for homeschoolers. I asked her to share with you about it. I know it can be hard to find homeschool friendly resources online!



Minecraft plus Homeschooling anyone? I have 6 kiddos who absolutely love the game, and wanted to play it with other homeschoolers online. The problem with that is that so many of the multi-player servers are not kid-friendly or moderated so therefore aren’t safe for them to play on. That’s exactly why we decided to make a Kid-Safe, Family Friendly, Homeschool Minecraft Server. We have Creative and Economy worlds as well as fun PVP games like Skywars, Factions, and lots more. Homeschooled kids from all over are welcome to join in where there are safe chat filters, no griefing or stealing allowed, and no bullying!


FREE Homeschool Minecraft Server – Get Whitelisted now

So there’s that. A FREE, Fun, Homeschool Minecraft Server so that your kids can play safely right along with mine. We love that our kids are into this awesome game where they can use their imagination to build, learn teamwork, and be creative. LOVE. IT. However, that’s not all that SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server offers.

We certainly have lots of fun on the SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft server, but along with that you will also find tons educational opportunities. You’ll also find Minecraft Homeschool lessons which can serve as a full curriculum or supplement to your current curriculum, you decide! Take a look around, introduce yourself on the forum, and join the fun!

Benefits of the SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server:

  • FREE and SAFE family friendly Minecraft server so that your kids can play with other homeschoolers in a safe environment.
  • Live Classes
  • Free Events and Virtual Field Trips
  • In Game Education – Students complete educational tasks and learning for rewards in game.
  • Chore Rewards System – Your children complete their chores at home and receive in game rewards.
  • We have many fun and popular PVP games such as Factions, Hunger Games, and Sky Wars as well as challenging Parkours and interactive CHESS!!

You can read more about the SKrafty homeschool Minecraft Server, see our upcoming event and learning schedule, and get whitelisted here: SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server

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    Thank you so much for posting this up for everyone! I think this is great! I especially love the idea that other homeschoolers are connected together, and that there are incentives in there for doing chores, etc. :)

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      Jen, Mindcraft.net requires that you have an account. I believe it’s $69. I’m not an expert on it because my boys don’t do Mind Craft yet (it’s on their Christmas list though ;)) Holly with Whenyouriseup.com is a good source of info for you! :)

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