Kick That Cold with Inexpensive and Natural Remedies

Tis the season for the common cold.   The annoyance that comes from coughing and sneezing your way through holiday festivities is enough to make anyone want to curl up under a blanket and hibernate.  But, this year, why not try some inexpensive natural remedies to alleviate your cold symptoms and get back to the joys of the season?

Buckwheat Honey

Years ago, I had a pediatrician recommend buckwheat honey as a natural remedy for coughing.  I was amazed at the results and have kept a jar on hand ever since!

Cranberry Soup

With cranberries on sale this time of year, it might be a good idea to stock up on these Vitamin B & C rich fruits that can be made into a soup to fight the common cold.

Here’s how:

* 1 cup Cranberries
* 2 cups water
* Honey to taste

Heat cranberries and water together until cranberry skins open. Strain and add honey to taste.  Return to pan and bring mixture close to a boil.  Remove from heat and serve.

Onions & Garlic

Raw is best, but use them liberally in all your dishes.  They are also considered powerful expectorants when it comes to fighting that nasty cough.

Mustard Plaster

A friend passed the recipe for a mustard plaster on to me when I was fighting a terrible bout with a chest cold.  I was skeptical at first, but the results spoke for themselves!


*10 level Tbsp flour
*1 level Tbsp dry mustard
*Enough water to form a paste.
Put a dab of olive oil on your chest area and then spread the paste on top of that.  Cover with a towel and go lay down and relax. (I prop myself up on pillows so I can breathe easier.)  Leave on for 15 minutes or until skin starts to turn pink (prior to the 15 minute mark – not a minute longer). Rinse with mild soap and water. Repeat up to 2 times per day.

Lavender Oil or Tea Tree Oil

Apply one or the other of these onto your chest at night and breathe easier!

Eucalyptus Oil

I like to put eucalyptus oil in the top of my vaporizer at night.  It also works great in some water on the stove or potpourri pot during the day.  You can also buy what is called a room diffuser and plug it in with some eucalyptus oil on the pad that goes inside of it.

These are just a few of my favorite natural remedies, but you can find many more by searching the internet for reputable sources or asking friends what they do to kick the common cold.  Here’s to a wonderfully healthy holiday!


Raising Arrows

Amy of is the homeschooling mother of 6 (soon to be 7) living children and one precious little girl named Emily being held in the Lord’s arms. Her days are filled with giggly girls, rambunctious boys and sticky baby kisses. At night, she writes about it all with the desire to encourage and equip other mothers in the trenches. Follow Amy on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.




  1. Jenny Kurtz says

    Good to know there are alternatives to all of those over the counter medicines.
    Thanks for sharing your home remedies with us!
    ? about the buckwheat honey, do you just take a spoonfull of it for coughing or mix it in something like tea?

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