I Want Your Stories for the eBook!!!

Do you have some great stories about homeschooling your sons?  

During my prayer time yesterday morning I received an idea (those are the best ones you knowWithin the eBook I can mix in other mothers stories too! We all love to relate to other homeschooling mothers.  We are challenged, encouraged and inspired by one another.

How have you overcome a hurdle with your son?  What did he do that surprised you?  Remember that time you turned around to see ______________ sticking out of his nose?  Did he have an area of struggle that now he has overcome?

Yup, I’m looking for anything from tearful to hilarious!

So, go ahead, whip up your best story and send it my way!  Be sure to include your blog link if you have one. You don’t have to have a blog to submit a story, just a boy or two :).  Email me at stewart dot jamerrill at gmail dot com.  I can only leave submission open for a few days (my editor has been very patient).  Shoot me a great one!  In the meantime join the fun and conversation on the Boyschooling facebook wall.




  1. […] Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling’s New eBook about homeschooling boys. I can see this being a huge blessing to so many.  In most homes, the mother is home with the boys and well, honestly, we don’t really get the “boy things” all the time.  Especially those of us who grew up as only children.  Boys are well…sometimes I have to wonder if they really are human, or is it me that isn’t human?  Their thought process and so many things are different. I love my boys, but some days I don’t understand their actions, or what they consider fun.   […]

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