Homeschool Freebie: Make Your Own ABC Book About The Animal Kingdom (140-Pages!)

Free ABC Book

You can currently download a free copy of Make Your Own ABC Book About The Animal Kingdom on Currclick.

This homeschool freebie is 140-pages.

Product Description:

“Whether you want to write about different animals as you read about them, or you want to do a unit study on the animal kingdom and its different classifications, Katie’s Homeschool Cottage has the perfect solution for your family!

ABC books are not just for little kids anymore! Your entire family will have fun and will learn a lot while making their own book.

Your kids can write their own ABC book about different kinds of animals, one for each letter of the alphabet. Or, for a more sophisticated volume, your older students can create their own antiquated version of a scientific volume on the different animal kingdoms and their many classifications and their scientific terms, much like Linnaeus. Have some fun with your written narration and animal study!

A few book titles are suggested, as well as an extensive list of websites with helpful information and fun interactive activities pertaining to the study of the animal kingdom and classification.

Each letter of the alphabet has 5 different notebooking pages from which to choose with different size lines, letter fonts, and animal prints corresponding to each letter of the alphabet – all with a biological “feel”. Also included are some ideas in how to use the pages and in making your own books.”

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