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This is a guest post from Heidi at ABC Jesus Loves Me.

As an educator, I knew the “requirements” for Kindergarten. There were items that the school districts wanted all 5-year-old students to know at Kindergarten screening time. Because we chose not to send our children to a formal preschool, I knew that the responsibility for readiness would fall into my hands.

When I began looking into a preschool curriculum for our oldest child, I became very discouraged and overwhelmed. What I was looking for was a simple Bible curriculum that incorporated phonics, math, and music. Because of our son’s disabilities, I also needed ideas for fine and gross motor and social development skills. Many of the sites that I found cost money. And lots of it. Other sites were so involved that there was no way I could do them and stay sane!

I knew that I wasn’t the only mom looking for a simple curriculum which allowed a child to still be a child. With my husband’s support, I felt led to create a curriculum that would give our child a solid foundation without taking away his childhood.
So, I began developing my own lesson plans using my education background, classroom experience, and life with our children. I thought about the requirements for Kindergarten and activities my children enjoyed doing. I took into consideration time available for preparation and the length of time my child could focus. I recognized that the key was to make the learning applicable, incorporate it into the day, and include time to review objectives. Thus began the creation of the ABC Jesus Loves Me Preschool Curriculum.

2 Year Curriculum3 Year Curriculum Color4 Year Curriculum Color  5 Year Curriculum

Four curricula – 2 Year Curriculum, 3 Year Curriculum, 4 Year Curriculum, and 5 Year Curriculum – are at the base of the ABCJLM preschool curriculum site. Each curriculum builds upon the other with a foundation of the Bible and preparation for Kindergarten being the goal. All other pages and links on the site support the curricula as well as provide the parent or teacher with ample ideas from which to choose. Ideas to help with teaching, academics and Bible time, craft ideas, holidays, academic concepts, character education, working on motor skill development, visual perception, training, and so much more can be found on the website.

Each curriculum contains a list of suggested items needed, objectives, and supplemental ideas.  The setup allows the adult to choose specific topics and activities he or she wants to cover that week. 

From the birth of this website, we have felt led to provide all of the ABCJLM resources to families for free. Yes, the curriculum, the printables, and all of the ideas on this website are ~~free~~ for the teaching of children in an individual family/home setting under the Terms of UseAs the ABCJLM website has grown, businesses, preschools, and churches have asked to use the curriculum. Licenses are available to purchase.

Beyond the resources available on the ABCJLM website, we have a wonderful collaboration of moms and teachers who share ideas and ask questions on our ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group.

Thousands of families, churches, and preschools around the world are using the ABCJLM preschool curriculum as a guide to help them be intentional with the children in their lives. I hope that you will take a moment to join the ABCJLM family too!

Heidi is stay-at-home, Jesus-lovin’ momma of four who loves to encourage and connect with other women!  When she isn’t blogging at Our Out-of-Sync Life or tweaking ideas for the ABCJLM preschool curriculum, you can find her around the campfire roasting s’mores and laughing at her children’s on-going antics. 




  1. Laurie says

    Thank you so much for the free curriculum!! I have been so overwhelmed trying to gather info on what I should be doing with my toddler! It’s such a relief to have a curriculum that tells me what to do and when to do it! I can’t wait to get started!

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