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In the spirit of full-disclosure it has been months since I’ve completed my normal once-a-month grocery shopping and monthly meal planning routine. During the last 3-months we’ve had at least one major traveling event each month.  I fell off my OAMS horse by  running to the store haphazardly; which hasn’t happened often in the last 3-years that I’ve shopped once a month. 

Don’t worry, life is getting back to normal; the first sign of which is my stocked pantry, refrigerators and meal plan laid out.   By looking at my May plan you’ll see in total Jamerrill-cooking-for-a-herd-fashion I  plan to make too much and creatively re-serve my bulk cooking to my family.

I’m destined to have 12 kids, and that’s a good thing! 😉



 If you’d like to see my May meal plan up close you can download it here: May Meal Plan PDF


Free Meal Planning Printables

I have several free meal planning printables for your downloading pleasure.  These are weekly and monthly meal planning pages.

You can print out fresh forms for every week and month. In addition, you can reuse your favorite forms by laminating them or sliding the page  in a plastic sheet protector, filling in the sheets with dry erase marker.

Here are the free meal planning printables:

Four weekly meal planning pages

Monthly meal planning page 1

Monthly meal planning page 2

Monthly meal planning page 3

Monthly meal planning page 4

Updated 1/2013: Here are my updated free winter themed meal planning printables.

Updated 2/2013: Here are my updated Free Monthly and Weekly Meal Planners: Valentine’s Themed for February

You know me, and I love free!  Be sure to check out my new site for free stuff & goodies for your family.  Don’t forget to get my free eBook Help for the Heart of the Homeschool Mom and my Free & Frugal Homeschool Planning Pack. :)

Enjoy! And happy meal planning!





  1. says

    Thank you for all that you do to encourage us new homeschool moms. The Q&A section on the facebook page on Saturdays is awesome, and I’ve learned a lot from it. After a few weeks of upheaval at my house (out of town, helping my in-laws get their new business up and running), I decided last night that I need to plan meals better. I’ve been planning dinners for years, but for breakfast and lunch, we just wing it. And, lo and behold, I sit down with my green tea to start putting together a spreadsheet and there in my inbox is the link to your post with printable weekly meal planning sheets. God is good! Thank you again!

    • says

      Thank you, Kelly. I’m always so encouraged by our facebook talks. There are so many moms’ with great wisdom. I’m so glad that the free meal planning printables found you on the day that you needed them too! :)

  2. Mrs. S says

    without a weekly/monthly menu, my life would be chaos! Thank you for making some fun and CUTE ones, it makes planning seem like fun, rather than a chore!

  3. says

    These are so great!! Great minds think alike though, because I have set up my menus just like yours for awhile now, but I did them by hand so it took some time to do, these will save a lot of time for me. Thank you for using your gifts to share with others! It is so nice to see women who want to help and encourage eachother instead of keeping it to ourselves!!

  4. Karen says

    Thank you for these FREE printables! I have been using the same style weekly planner for over a year now (store bought pad with tear off sheets) and LOVE it! It saves us so much money each month b/c I know what is happening the night before and can start preparing! I work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so I always plan a crockpot meal for those days and can prepare them so all I have to do in the morning is place the crock in the heating mechanism! Having FREE printables will save us that much more money!

    I found you through Money Saving Mom today and am excited to explore your blog b/c we have chosen to start homeschooling in the fall!

    Thank You!

  5. Kim says

    These weekly, monthly meal planning printables are just what I’ve been looking for. Finding these today after a long hard day of being a mom, has touched me in a special way. Thanks!

  6. Mary Witt says

    I’m nearing the end of my meal planning days (last child is HS senior) and I just recently read a great idea. It suggested that you either keep your meal planning sheets and bind them together at the end of the year. Or bind them together in January when you print out new ones. It will give you dozens (hundreds) of pre-done ideas as time goes by.
    You can get a stack of 52 pages spiral bound at Office Depot-type stores for ~$5, including plastic waterproof front and back covers, if you don’t have a home binding machine.

    Being funny… you have to picture me slapping my forehead when I read this idea (on Pinterest, I think). “Are you kidding me??! I’m just now learning this?! After 27 years of meal planning?!!” /grin/

  7. says

    I love the cute printable meal planning sheets, but ALL of them, that I’ve found, run a calendar week. I don’t do my shopping on Saturday, I do it mid-week, so I want to be able to have a meal-planning sheet that runs from the day after I do my main shopping. Does anyone know of any cute printables that let me write in the days of the week instead of having it pre-printed for the calendar week?

  8. says

    Thank you for the free menus! I am going to include a link to your site in my Frugal Foodie article in the Nov/Dec Molly Green Magazine (a subsidiary of the The Old Schoolhouse Magazine) about free apps and site for the Frugal Foodie:-)

    If you are open to feedback, I looked at your last menu (May 2013) and noticed that you:
    1) Spend a lot of time cooking in the morning. We cook really simple breakfasts like oatmeal and sometimes make it last a couple of days.
    2) Eat a lot of processed meats and pork. You would do better to make large meals with healthier cuts of meat that include a lot of veggies, grains and/or beans/legumes.


    • says

      April, thank you for your feedback. Our meat choices at the time were based largely on our grocery budget. I feel that any food is “healthy” as long as it is food. :) I know that not everyone agrees with that, which is fine too. Some people can feed a family of 7 with $400 per month and it be 100% approved healthy. I did the best I could with what I had to work with, like a lot of my readers do.

      We have radically changed the way we eat though which I’ve talked about on my other site. Now we cram in as money fruits and veggies into every meal and eat lean meats. Here are the changes that we’ve made (doubling our grocery budget as well) and here’s my latest healthy meal plan

      Thanks for your feedback, friend!

  9. Jennifer says

    Are these planning pages no longer free? When I try to download them, I get “Error 404 Not Found!”

    • says

      Jennifer, they are still free however I’m having an issue with my PDF files since I’ve merged two sites together. I hope to have the issue fixed in a few days, Lord willing. Thanks!


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