Free Homeschool Curriculum: Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Today we are going to hear from Lee who is the creator of the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. I found her free homeschool curriculum the other day and asked her if she’d give us an overview.  Lee and I both share the same heart to encourage and assist families in their homeschool journey.  If you have a freebie and/or resource that you’d like featured on you may submit it here.


I’d like to introduce you to an all-free, complete, college-preparatory curriculum that uses only free materials found online. I’m building the curriculum for my own five children. It includes: reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, math, history/social studies, science, geography, Bible, art, music, PE/health, computers and logic, as well as preschool and kindergarten. I am putting online my children’s assignments and making them available to everyone, that’s you :) Last year I completed preschool, first, fourth and sixth grades. I’m now putting up assignments for kindergarten, second, fifth and seventh grades. Lord willing the following year third and eighth grade will go up.

Easy Peasy

The curriculum is designed so that everyone studies the same thing at the same time. You can use individual courses, for instance, just use English, or you can use it all by choosing a grade level, starting on Day 1 and just clicking through the links. The reading level is advanced as first graders have already learned to read in the preschool and kindergarten years. The books come mainly from the Ambleside and Robinson reading lists.

Anyone can use the site, but my hope is to help people continue to homeschool when maybe they thought they would have to give it up due to time or money pressures. The curriculum requires only minor supplies for experiments and such, and allows for your children to work as independently as you want them to.

My family has served the Lord overseas for ten years. I know others like me have plenty of time and money pressures. This curriculum will free you from the cost of transporting books and from “needing” to put your children in school so you have time to learn the language.

Take a look around the site, Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. Some years are complete, as I listed above, some are going up now, so recognize that when you see incomplete pages and notes to myself :) “Levels” are my children’s grade levels. Look at the reading when deciding what level to go into. Levels are math, English and computer.  “Program Years” are everything else. They are bundled so that music and art relate to the history being studied. The “Program Years” are split Lower (L) for first through fourth and Middle (M) for fifth through eighth grades.

There are several things that make it “easy peasy.” It’s easy peasy for you, not your children :) Everything is there, ready. Also, the lessons and school days are short. There won’t be a problem finishing before dinner. I give my children everything they need including lots of free time to devote to their passions. My children don’t complain about school or try to get out of something. It’s all laid out on the computer. They know exactly what they have to do. They know they are done when they get through the last assignment. And it’s not all hard work for the kids…there are LOTS and LOTS of videos and online games that are part of school. There are also hands-on activities, experiments and lapbooks. No workbooks to fill out. No busy work.

Use the about/contact page to get in touch with me to ask questions and to read more about the curriculum. (P.S. You can read the descriptions of completed courses on their individual course pages.)




  1. says

    I just wanted to thank you for posting this. We were going to try switched on school house next year, b/c my kids are a tad screen addicted and I’m not wanting homeschooling to be such a fight. But I also don’t have time to go out and find all these things either. This is an amazing blessing from the Lord! Thank you so much!

  2. renee brry says

    I noticed that you mentioned college preparatory curriculum. Does this mean it goes further than 8 th grade? I have two boys going into 9th and I would love something like this for them. Please email me responses.

  3. maple corea says

    This sounds great! We just started homeschooling in July with my slightly advanced 5 yr old. It didn’t go very well. We are a missionary family who is now working in Thailand therefore this is perfect for us. I will give it a try in Jan 2013!
    Thank you!

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