Free Educational Resource: National Gallery of Art + Loan Materials


Free Educational Resource: National Gallery of Art + Loan Materials

The National Gallery of Art has a really great site for kids called NGAkids Art Zone.  You’ll find a huge selection of free resources to incorporate into your homeschool art studies.  We’ll highlight some of them below.

There are lots of great interactive tools to get kids excited about art and art study.  Some of the free art activities include:

  • Creating animated artwork
  • Using interactive painting tools
  • Designing moving sculptures and 3-D shapes
  • Constructing a collage
  • And more!

You can also order a free CD set that includes some of these free interactive art activities (compatible with Windows and Mac OS).

While you are there, you can also explore Adventures in Art that provides kid-friendly highlights from the art collection, take a virtual tour of the sculpture garden, and download a wide variety of free children’s art guides.

In addition, the National Gallery of Art offers art resources to borrow for free.  These resources include teacher packets and DVDs.  There are also free art lesson plans for grades K-12.


Click here to find more free art resources!




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