Free eBook: Homeschooling for FREE & Frugal

Homeschooling for FREE & Frugal: Saving Money for the Homeschool Life

I promised it…and it’s here!  My new ebook, Homeschooling for FREE & Frugal: Saving Money for the Homeschool Life is now available.  You can receive your copy for FREE  by subscribing to receive by Newsletter. There is an auto responder in place. You will first receive an email in which you’ll need to confirm your subscription. Then you’ll be sent an email with this free eBook plus any other subscriber freebies that I’m currently offering.

Homeschooling for FREE & Frugal contains over 60-pages of real-life helps, and creative wisdom, from writing moms within the homeschool community.  You’ll find links, resources, and sincere stories from homeschooling families who have decided that home education is worth the cost.  No matter your budget, you’ll find a host of fresh ideas and practical applications within the pages of this new book. 

Contributors Include:

Jamerrill Stewart | &

Lori Seaborg |

Richele McFarlin | Under the Golden Apple Tree

Jen G | Gricefully Homeschooling

Tabitha Philen |

Rebecca Brandt |  Mom’s Mustard Seeds

Carol J. Alexander |  Everything Home with Carol & Lessons from the Homestead

Carlie | So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler?

Jimmie Lanely | Jimmie’s College

Heather | Blog She Wrote

Karen DeBeus | Simply Living for Him

Get download happy, and snag your copy of Homeschooling for FREE & Frugal, today!

You can also still snag the Free & Frugal Homeschool Planning Pack for a little longer. 😉





  1. Mary Valenzuela says

    Thank you for the 2 great resources! Currently, nothing seems to happen when I click on either one. You mentioned we can just e-mail you for the planning pack, but I thought I should let you know that there is a chance (and only a cnance because I’m a techno neophyte and could be doing something wrong)that neither link is working. Thanks, again!

    • says

      If you click the “Only for Likers” tab under the cover photo on Facebook, you’ll see both resources. They show up best using Google Chrome, or Firefox. Starting tomorrow, the book graphic will be listed under every email post; you can also click that graphic and download the book. :)

  2. Mona says

    I would so love to get this book, but I can’t figure out how. I have tried to follow your directions but am getting nowhere. So sorry. I’m very computer illiterate. Thanks for your help.

  3. Thaleia says

    Right click on the red link and click save target as. That should allow you to save directly to your pc even if you cannot open it on the desktop:)

    • amy says

      Where is this located? I want to save to computer for future use! I have never downloaded an ebook before. Thanks!

      • says

        If you subscribe via email, it will be a book graphic at the bottom of your next email from us. Click it, and it will download to your computer. You could also right-click and save as. Or, if you “like” our page on Facebook it’s located under that “only likers” tab. :)

  4. Heather M says

    I just downloaded my copy and then uploaded it to my kindle and I wanted to thank you for laying out the pages as you did because it’s very readable in my kindle – thank you! And thank you for putting this topic together as we are starting homeschooling in about a year and I’ve been really dreading looking over curriculum and those huge price tags when I don’t think fancy curriculum and text books is even the best way to go – thank you for really spelling out an alternative.

  5. Amy Haron says

    hello, I am already a subscriber of your newsletter, but I never got this. How do I get this? It looks fantastic! I was forwarded this link just today in the new ultimate homeschool giveaway contest. I was so excited to find out it was from you as use your site/FB/and newsletter constantly! Thanks!

    • says

      Amy, I’m changing the way that I’m doing the newsletter. I will make sure that I include the free eBook in every newsletter starting tonight. It automatically is sent out to new subscribers, but you may have missed that email. Check your email this evening! 😀

      • Amy Haron says

        Thank-you so much! I got it! Looks great! I can’t wait! And it couldn’t have come at a better time either. Thank-you so much for the quick response. I looked back through my old emails, but I sometimes I delete ones where the items were out of date so I don’t know if I missed it somehow or what. I almost always go through everything in them. I mean some I can’t use simply because of the age of your kids, you know, but I never try to miss a freebie when I can! I have used quite a few this year, and I have been putting a lot together for the coming years. Thanks again


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