UPDATED: Free Dinosaurs Lapbook with Study Guide Coupon Code: $13 Value – Expires 7/1/13

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Today through 7/1/13 you can download the Dinosaurs Lapbook with Study Guide from A Journey Through Learning and Currclick.com for free – using the coupon code 1fhdinofun at check out. This lapbook has a $13 value.

Product Description:

“Dinosaurs! They are so exciting to learn about yet there are few Christian based resources available about dinosaurs. This lapbook and study guide from A Journey Through Learning does not mention millions of years, evolution or that man and dinosaur did not live together. Topics include:How Many Dinosaur Species are There?, How are Dinosaurs Named?, Which Dinosaur is the Biggest?, Which Dinosaur is the Smallest?, What was the Speed of Dinosaurs?, Were they Social Creatures?, Did they Communicate? What is a Reptile?, Where did Dinosaurs Live?, What is an Herbivore? A Carnivore?, What are the 5 Suborders of Dinosaurs?, What are Sauropods, What are Theropods?, What are Ornithopods?, What are Thyreopods?, What are Marginocephalias?, Dinosaur Coloring Cards, What Happened to the Dinosaurs and more!”


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To access the freebie:

  1. Create an account on Currclick.com. It’s free, if you don’t have one already.
  2. Load the Dinosaurs Lapbook with Study Guide into your shopping cart.
  3. FYI: You will NOT need to enter payment information.
  4. Under the payment information enter the coupon code 1fhdinofun
  5. Your total will be $0.00 at checkout!
  6. ENJOY this free lapbook!

Again, the coupon code is 1fhdinofun

Click here for the Dinosaurs Lapbook with Study Guide!




  1. David Sirrine says

    Very good resource for both basic and somewhat advanced dinosaur study. A few typos (such as repeated words or lack of needed spaces), but nice overall. Some scientific information is deplorably awful — mostly the parts adapted from Answers in Genesis resources. Worst science mistake is equating “theories” with “guesses” on page 50; same page also suggests that dinosaurs were hunted to extinction. I plan to remove this page and 23 (mentions wacky hypotheses about Noah’s flood and dinosaurs crossing land bridges)… maybe the bottom of 21 (vague reference to special creation of each species). The rest is great.

  2. Layne says

    I got through and was able to use the coupon code but it asks me for a form of payment. How do you get through without putting in payment info?

    • says

      You don’t have to actually enter any payment info. I believe I chose the credit cart option, didn’t enter any information, then entered my coupon code which made my total $0.00. It goes through without payment info, you just to click either cc or paypal. :)

    • says

      Ashley, I’m just about to update this post but I want you to be the first to know. :) There is a new coupon code so you can get this lapbook through today. Use coupon code 1fhdinofun at checkout through 7/1/13.

      • says

        Thank you so much!! It worked this time! I look forward to using this lapbook when we get to the dinosaur portion of our science this coming year.

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