Free Curriculum: Elementary & Middle School Chemistry

The American Chemical Society has two sets of free chemistry curriculum available to download. The first is a free elementary & middle school chemistry curriculum called Inquiry to Action.

free elementary chemistry curriculum

Inquiry to Action is a free curriculum consisting of “a 470-page resource of guided, inquiry-based activities that covers basic chemistry concepts along with the process of scientific investigation” suitable for grades 3-8.

The next free chemistry curriculum from the American Chemical Society is Middle School Chemistry.

free middle school chemistry

Middle School Chemistry was created to be used with students in grades 6-8 with teacher supervision.  Description from site:

The book helps students:

  • Ask scientific questions and investigate them
  • Design and conduct experiments
  • Understand their observations on the molecular level
  • Record and communicate results

For teachers, Middle School Chemistry includes:

  • Comprehensive 5-E lesson plans
  • Detailed procedures for activities
  • Science background for teachers
  • Molecular model illustrations and animations
  • Student activity sheets and student reading


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