Free Charlotte Mason Inspired Spelling Program

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Free Spelling Solutions Cards

Free Charlotte Mason Inspired Spelling Program

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Spelling Solutions teaches students how to do what comes naturally for good spellers using a process described by Charlotte Mason in the early 1900’s. This is done by taking photographs of the 250 most commonly used words in the English language. Spelling Solutions 2 follows this with the second 250 most commonly used words. After using this program, your child will not only be able to spell the common words, they will have been trained in mind photography so that they can apply this to any word they come across. Once they have learned how to “take a picture” of words, they will do it throughout their lives and become natural spellers after all.

This eBook is eCards. You will print the words and the instructions on 250 index cards (3 x 5 or bigger).


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  1. Julianne says

    I love this idea, but this method of spelling concerns me. While it’s good to memorize things, there are spelling rules that need to be learned. Do you teach the rules at a later point or do the children just keep memorizing? Or with all of the English language exceptions are the rules really that helpful? Thanks for any clarification you can provide!

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