DIY Project: Create a Light-Up Cave of Wonders

Create a light up cave of wonders


Did you have forts when you were growing up?  My brother and I spent hours building and playing in our many forts of various shapes and sizes.  We loved having a fun place to retreat that belonged to us alone.


This Cave of Wonders can be just that for your children.  But you can also make it purposeful (and even educational).  This Cave of Wonders can be a place of inspiration.  It can be a place for your kids to read (and if you use as many lights as I did, lighting will not be a problem).  It can be a place for them to play games and work puzzles.  You can even make it a place where your son or daughter works on a school subject that disinterests them.  Make it the special draw.

*Please see safety warning at the bottom.

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What You’ll Need:

* A Large Box

* Utility Knife

* Packaging Tape

* A Large Nail

* Strands of White Lights (I used about 225 lights)

* A Blanket or Material



My husband graciously put up with me saving this freezer box for a long time.  You may remember from the DIY Marble Race, I have this crazy love of saving cardboard.


Cut the opening to your cave.  Secure any flaps or reinforce your box with the packaging tape.


Poke holes in the box with the nail and push the lights through.


Blog Pics 3-027

Gotta love the glow!  Finish your cave by draping material or a large blanket over the box.


We have been enjoying our cave quite a bit.  Just be ready with your answer when your child asks if they can sleep in there.  My son camped out (without the lights of course).


Bonus Ideas:  

When poking holes in the box, try making constellations to study astronomy.  Let your kids connect the stars with crayons or create their own constellations.   Teach on light and darkness or even explore the Bible passage of God’s covenant with Abraham.


Safety Warning:  As with any strands of lights, take precautions with children.  Do not leave them unattended and check the light instructions for any heat/fire warnings.


Kristen is a fun-loving mom to two kids who keep her busy and laughing. Add her great husband and the Lord to the mix and her life is one fantastic, crazy adventure. She is a former youth leader, professional wedding and event planner and has a degree in Christian Thought/Christian Ministry. She loves long lists, diet soda and playing jokes on her husband. Kristen is the author of Teach Me To Serve: 99 Ways Preschoolers Can Learn to Serve & Bless Others. You can find her blogging at Celebrate Every Day With Me where she shares fun ideas for children’s activities, creating memorable moments and party planning. Stop by and celebrate the ‘everyday stuff’ of life. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.




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