Our Homeschool Life Schedule with Free Downloads

First let me say that I’m always multitasking.  It’s just the reality of homemaking/homeschooling life with a growing family.  I don’t look at this season as one to rush through because these little years will not last forever.  That being said, I usually line up my little boys and change two diapers at a time.  I start cooking dinner in the morning.  And for the most part I consider our homeschool life to model fairly close to the one room schoolhouse.  I teach our children based on their ability level, not grade level.  Our children take part in most activities regardless of age, and we try to do as many things as a family that we possibly can.

Here is our daily routine:  We crave structure in our homeschool day, however we don’t function well having life mapped out in 15-minute increments.  Maybe I can coin the phrase “structured flexibility.” 😉   Please do whatever works for you.  This is unique to our family, but hopefully it gives you a glimpse in how we make it work.

7:30-8:30 = Good Morning List:  Jadin and Zion have a Good Morning List that hangs on their door for their morning routine.  They have developed good morning habits including making their bed, getting dressed, shower/brush teeth, morning job, exercise and reading their Bible.

For Jadin his morning job is to shuffle the laundry (that is “Stewart-speak” for putting a wet load in the dryer and/or starting a new load to wash.)  Zion puts away the dishes from the night before.   Jadin took the initiative to add exercising to his Good Morning List.  Both boys work with weights,  pull-ups, and/or stretches.

While Jadin and Zion work on their morning list I nurse the baby, get the two little boys ready for the day, pull myself together, and do Naomi’s hair.


8:30-9:30 = Breakfast / Jesus:  Breakfast is usually oatmeal and fruit, unless daddy is home in which case he makes a fabulous breakfast.  We listen to the audio Bible while we eat our meal.  Once the dishes are cleared everyone pulls out their Bible and we have family bible reading time. Our goal is to read one Bible chapter per meal. We also pray and read several stories from our Voice of the Martyrs devotional, Jesus Freaks.  Of course there are also the wonderful mornings when the Holy Spirit takes over our homeschool and we end up reading the Word for hours.  Believe me, I don’t mind those days!

9:30-10 = Kids run!  Weather permitting, or bundled up, the 5, 8 and 11-year old run through the field, jump on the trampoline, climb trees, zip-line or tire swings for about 30-minutes to get all the giggles out before family table work time.

During this time I do any school prep on my end, make a phone call if needed, or dare I say…wave “HI!” to my online friends.


10-12 = Table Work:  What we’ve come to call “table work” at our house is just that, the time when the books are spread out and we dig into our lessons.  I have more posts in the works with additional detail on how preschool, kindergarten and older years work in our house.  Short version for today: Naomi (5) and Gabriel (2) spread out at the kitchen table with their workboxes.   I focus the 30-45 minutes working directly with Naomi and Gabriel, while Jadin (11) and Zion (8) start on their workboxes at our schoolroom table independently. Liam (1) is either riding on my back or sitting in his seat chewing on a puzzle.  Here you can read more about our early years of homeschool.


Next, I move my focus onto Zion and Jadin.   Unless it’s a new concept they work well on their own with their work already being set up in workboxes.  At this point I work on Language Arts with them.  We rotate days using Rod & Staff, Sequential Spelling, and we’re starting to mix in WriteShop as well.

Our schoolroom is right beside our kitchen, so I end up walking in a circle around the kitchen table and school room table.  I encourage this child, redirect another, and offer praises to that one.

PLAY  is a big learning activity around our house too!


12-1 = Lunch / Jesus: With my meal planning, lunch is usually left overs from the night before or sandwich/fruit.  I like to have egg salad, chicken salad, or tuna salad ready to whip up quick sandwiches.  Again, we listen to Bible, or watch teachings from the Answers in Genesis website, while we eat.  Then we go around the table again with more Bible time.

1-3:00 = Read Alouds or Special Project {Little’s Nap-time from 1-4}: This is one of our favorite times of day.  Lately we’ve been staying at the kitchen table for read aloud time.  During this special time we dive deep in our favorite literature.  You can read more about what read aloud time looks like at our house.  We’ve been slacking on our lapbooks lately (I plan on A Journey Through Learning fixing that soon), but in times past we also use this time to work on lapbooks or science projects.


3:00-4:00 = Read or Rest: This goes for Mom too.  Naomi and I snuggle up while reading some of her hand-picked “girl stories.”  Zion and Jadin read from their chapter books and rest.

4:00-5:00 = Afternoon Jobs:  During this time we tackle the majority of our housework.  Last year I gleaned from Kim Brenneman of Large Family Logistics, that in her family they do the large portion of their housework in the afternoons. After reading her suggestions I’ve adopted this idea in our household.  Most days for us this takes an hour of  family team work.  There are certain days when it takes a little longer depending on what we’re tackling. The idea is we clean up from our full learning day in the afternoon, tidy as we go for the evening, and wake-up to a clean house the next morning.  I find this works very well for us.  You can also read here how we train young children in chores.


5-6 = Family Dinner / Jesus:  By this point we’re plowing into daddy and bombarding him with stories of our day.  We have our family dinner and hopefully a little more Bible reading.

6-8 =  Time with Dad: Family reading, possibly a game…little kids to bed by 8.

8-9:30 = Freetime: Older boys may do anything constructive such as Lego’s, Kinex, artwork, reading (one of our boys reads a chapter book per day).  Chess, Uno and Rummy are favorite bedtime games as well.  Starting at 8 p.m.  I begin my “office hours.”  For awhile I worked well on an extremely early morning schedule.  Since this fall I’ve merged into an evening /night schedule.  I’m all for whatever works!  Big kids are in bed by 9:30, unless it’s a holiday, weekend or trip.

Spring, Summer, Fall, most of our afternoon reading time is outside on a quilt.  We also have fellowship days when we get together with friends, field trip days, shopping days, daddy-is-home-lets-go-for-a-hike-days, mental health days, and cookie baking days.  For us our schedule is a nice mix between over strenuously scheduled and too relaxed.  That’s just us.

Question:  How do you schedule your homeschool life?




  1. Heather says

    Thank you for the peak in as well! I currently have a 3 year old and a 6 week old, and was trying to figure out how our schedule would go! Thank you for giving a very good example! Also love that y’all have family Bible time!

  2. Terryn Winfield says

    Thank you. This post came at the perfect time for me and spoke right to my heart. I have 4 children ages 9 months-7 yrs and these past few weeks, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. I have been doubting my abilities, especially when it comes to homeschooling. I’m trying to tweak our schedule now, so this cycle doesn’t continue. I appreciate all you do.

    • says

      We’ve all had those seasons, Terry. I’d post some bible verses around the sinks to focus on. Maybe find sometime to give yourself a little rest too. I’m a brand new mom after an afternoon rest/read time (I usually sleep & drool). :-)

    • Katrina says

      Oooh Terryn! In September my kiddies will be 7, 5, 3 and 1, so it sounds like we’re at a very similar stage! You may not see this, but if you do, I’m thinking of and praying for you!!! =)

  3. Stephanie says

    Thank you for sharing. I am wanting to rework our schedule next year to have my kids do more work together and this gives me some good ideas.

  4. says

    We do homeschool similar but my children are older now and its less crazy these days. I do remember teaching our oldest son at the table while nursing a baby and keeping an eye on our toddler while he played with legos. Now, my high schoolers do independent work which I check to make sure they are understanding the subject being studied. And we have not given up those “combined learning” opportunities, like Bible, History, Spanish and read alouds. We still meet in the living room (where the sun is!) to read and study. And we still keep to a daily schedule! It’s flexible if life throws us a curve ball but for the most part, we can stick to it. Order and being organized help so much when you are homeschooling many. Not to mention that lesson alone is a life lesson you’re teaching your children. :o)
    Thanks for a peek into your daily life Jammerill. It took me back a few years.

  5. says

    I love peeking into other home schools. I think the key to how we “get it all done” is finding a daily routine that works for us right now. I’ve learned that what works this semester and season isn’t going to work in a few months because life changes. The trick is to find what works and then DO it. :)

  6. says

    The same schedule switch happened to me recently. I used to get up early, walk on my treadmill and shower, but somewhere this winter it changed for me as well. Now, I can’t get to sleep until late and I can’t hardly get up in the morning. I figure if I don’t get up before the kids I don’t get to “wave HI to my online friends” before the school day starts…but it is very hard for me no too! 😉

    I’m hoping in the spring…which we hope comes soon…will help me get back on my old schedule! Yay, sunshine!!!

    • says

      I thought I’d always be an early riser. :) But then tackle football season happened this fall, with it’s late night family running, and I’ve never switched back. My 8 a.m.-8 p.m. hours are still the same, those are my “mom hours.” 😉

  7. says

    I really appreciate all of your wisdom you are sharing here. I am new to all of this stuff (homemaking, homeschooling, etc., etc.). I have always been an athletic person and have tried to “work out” every day whether it be going to the gym or doing a video in my home. I now have 2 kiddos and am wondering how to fit this in. Do you fit this in to your schedule? I’d appreciate any tips in this area!

    • says


      I try to get my exercise in a couple different ways:

      1. Go when Daddy’s home. Since my husband works night and sleeps until mid-day, I usually leave right after lunch, but when he worked a normal shift I would run after the kids went to bed.

      2. Pull out an exercise video either before or after the kids get up (or if they nap, at that point).

      3. Workout with them. My girls love to do my strength training with me. It’s fun to watch try to plank with me. We also go on walks together and we specifically call it exercise or a run. They know that it’s important to me, so they enjoy it. I know I won’t be sweating (unless it’s simply hot out) but see it as a way to get something in while showing my daughters the importance of caring for our bodies.

      4. Squeeze it in when you can. This especially works well for strength training. Do Wall Squats while brushing your teeth. Plank during commercial breaks. Vacuum and lunge. I’ve been known to run up and down the very small hallway that leads through my apartment after the kids go to bed because it’s the only chance I get to run.

  8. Emily says

    Thank you for having your page. I just found it and am enjoying all the info. I am going to be starting my oldest three in homeschool this year coming up. And all and any ideas are great! I have three others who are not in school as well, the 3 in school will be 2nd, 1st and K so def the early years here! and a big family friday everyday! lol loving the site and info!

  9. Claudia says

    Thank you so much for sharing. We have a 3 and 1 yr old and we have jyst begun the discussion on wether we should homeschool or preschool for my 3 yr old. For me its really a question about if i can homeschool, housework and remain sain and if i even know how to homeschool. Your post was encouraging! Thank you! One question, im curious about your audio bible.. What version do you listen to that your younger ones understand?

  10. Tina says

    Thanks for sharing this. Have had a frustrating few days, and this schedule looks like it could help us. We’re big on structured flexibility too, but things haven’t been going smoothly of late!

  11. says

    I showed up here today thru a series of clicks-I think it started with the tips to NOT be the yelling mom. :-) Anyway, thanks for sharing what works for you. I keep trying different approaches and can’t seem to find one that sticks. Like you, we need some type of structure, but not totally planned for every minute of the day. I tried making “watches”, like the bible mentions. I set up 3 hour blocks of time and listed on an index card the major things I wanted to accomplish in that watch. It worked for a short time, but didn’t last. Nothing seems to! Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  12. Rebecca says

    I’m just throwing a line out here…..is there anyone out there who works outside the home? I’d love to hear about your schedules and how it’s working for you!! I work parttime and am homeschooling my youngest 4 children, ages 5, 7, 14 and 17.

      • Rebecca says

        I have read those posts, but thanks for sharing them! I was just wondering what other schedules moms keep, I guess to maybe gleen some other ideas. I do work, and homeschool, and garden, and cook from scratch, and etc….. LOL I know it CAN be done, though certainly not necessarily easily! This is our 3rd yr. of homeschooling, although I did homeschool my 2 oldest for a time in their younger years. Thank you for your posts…I appreciate your openess! God bless!!

  13. Tineyjo says

    Love the site and info you put on here question about the kindle books what if you do not have a kindle how can we get these books for my childrens to study?

  14. Mary says

    I needed to read your blog today! I stumbled upon it while searching on google for a daily homeschool schedule. I have been leaving out a very important part….bible reading! Thank you for making all of your ideas FREE. I feel I have spent so much on resources and curriculum already. THank you!!!

  15. Susan says

    This was so helpful! It is similar t what we do, but I have been trying to do the cleaning in the morning. I think I will try to move it to the afternoon. The morning cleaning tends to disrupt my morning teaching as I always find more to do.

  16. says

    Hi! I am a homeschooling, work from home mom too. This is a great post. Scheduling is so hard. Once you get one down it changes and you have to rework it! I am new to blogging and wanted to know about how much time you are spending on your “work” time in the evening. I have my school schedule working pretty well but am trying to sort through how do fit my work time in. Thanks so much:) And nice to meet you!

  17. Ginene Reed says

    I really love your site. I am having trouble getting to things that I have seen. I don’t know how to get to them again. I am looking for the angry birds things do you have a place where the web page can be searched?

  18. says

    At what age (for your older kids) did you develop this type of schedule? My kiddos are 4 (kindergarten), 3 (preK) and 1, right now, and I’m feeling like we don’t quite have the schedule we need to have, but I’m not exactly sure how well things like afternoon jobs would work. Add in the fact my husband works 4 on/ 4 off (and on the 4 on, he’s at work from 5am-8pm), and I feel like I’m really having a hard time getting any type of continuity in our schedule! I love these ideas, though, and I think this might be similar to my personality style. I’m also wondering, do your little ones look at picture Bibles during the meal/ Bible time, or do you read out loud to them?
    Thanks for any help you can give me!


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