Chores for Children: The Sweeping Game

We’ve talked before about chores for young children.  Today, I would like to introduce you to a new game that has made sweeping the kitchen delightful for our younger children.

The Sweeping Game:

The Sweeping game is a simple way to make sweeping fun. Even my 2-1/2 year old has decided that he’s old enough to play this game.

*Twist my arm*

chores for children

How to Play:

I taped a house pattern on to the floor using packing tape. You can get very creative with this and use patterned duck tape, or colored electrical tape. I worked with what we had on hand; thus the packing tape house that now adorns our kitchen floor.

  • Have your child sweep the kitchen debris into your tape-made house.  Naomi likes to make up stories while she sweeps.  She calls the mess “dirt babies” that she must “get them home to their mommy!”


Easy. Fun. Try it!





  1. says

    I. LOVE. IT!!!!!!! Honest question: how old are the children for whom this works…because my 11yo daughter has been tasked with sweeping (with my 2yo daughter as helper) and she struggles with both quality and a more positive attitude :) Wondering if I dare try this for her? Perhaps under the guise of helping the 2yo? I’m hoping you have a fun idea for cleaning the table (for my 5yo son)-LOL!

    • says

      Sally, I started this mainly with my 5-year old daughter. My 2 year old now does it, he’s “play learning.” Honestly though anyone who sweeps the kitchen now sweeps the dirt into our “dirt momma house.” My 8 and 11 year old too…and, raising my hand…it’s kind’a fun :-)

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  3. Tammy W. says

    I love this idea, and this blog, in general! My oldest is turning 3 in a few weeks, and we’re getting him kid-sized garden tools and a kid-sized broom. He and his 17-month-old brother already love to clean everything and anything in sight with the handy broom I hung in their playroom, mainly for decoration (because it matched, and I’m a little OCD–after all, it is carpeted in there!). Anyhow, in the background of the “sweeping can be fun” pic, I see a wall-mounted magazine-type rack. Any idea where you found that gem? Thanks!


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