How I’m Preparing for a Large Family


My husband and I are open to grow our family in any way that the Lord sees fit; we are preparing for a large family. We see ourselves planning and making choices based on children that we have yet to meet. When we buy a new-to-us vehicle we don’t shop as a family of seven, […]

Visit me today at the Time-Warp Wife!

Today I’m sharing on my friend Darlene’s blog, the Time-Warp Wife. She’s finishing up her 31 Days of Love Series. Day 27 – How Do I Make Time For My Spouse When We Have Small Children? “For nearly eleven years of our marriage we’ve had little children. {Travis and I have been together for a […]

How Can I Be Happy at Home?


I’ve talked with some sweet ladies who’ve asked me, “how can I be happy at home?“ Sometimes they’re dealing with strife in marriages, hard financial circumstances,  or  feelings of discontentment that seem to come out of no where. We know that home is a special place to carve out a life for our family. Where we grow big in God […]

Speaking Truth Saturdays: When You’re Carrying Burdens.

Speaking Truth Saturdays: When You’re Carrying Burdens. Earlier this week I found myself feeling completely weighed down by burdens that the Lord never intended for me to carry. My heart was perplexed, heavy, and overwhelmed. The devil is sneaky about it. He tries to slip in with a little thought here, an extra pressure there, […]

“My Response is my Responsibility”

My response is my responsibility…ouch.  I’m in some form of pain right now after watching this video.  It’s a good pain.  Dr. Emerson Eggerich hits the nail on the head, yet again, as he shares how we are responsible for our responses in marriage.  I also feel encouraged as a mother and can’t wait to […]

How to Make Time for Your Husband {with children underfoot!}

READERS QUESTIONS: July 25, 1998 On my Facebook wall, I’ve asked readers what topics they‘re interested in us discussing. Hopefully we can learn from one another, and I do love to chat. Please feel free to leave your tips and suggestions in the comments.  Here’s today’s question: “How do I make adequate time for my […]