Easy Squash Recipe: Squash Casserole Recipe


I mentioned in my country garden tour post that we are blessed with an abundance of squash. Tonight alone we picked 14. I wanted to share an easy squash recipe that I’ve used to add a little flair to our squash infused lives. Squash Casserole Print Squash Casserole Author: Jamerrill Stewart Recipe type: Main Prep time:  15 […]

Homeshool Garden: How Does Your Garden Grow?


We’ve been growing things around here.  NOT a new baby (as of yet ;)), but other babies – garden babies.  Last night when Naomi and I went out bare foot to water the plants she said, “Mommy, this is just like being a garden angel.” I love that.  These are the memories that I want […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: The end of Summer Edition.

  It’s been pretty normal around here. Learning abounds-we’ve been attacking the library and making a mess of our schoolroom.  We also had an earthquake this week, that was something new. I took all five kiddos once-a-month grocery shopping without another adult helper. It had to be done.  Hubby’s work schedule has been all over […]

Steady Week at Home: June 2011


This week was a wonderful steady week at home. Here’s a rundown of some of the stuff we did. I think every week at home is a gift. *Finished reading “My Side of the Mountain” and completed copywork/notebook page for it, plus all of our normal school work. *Jumped on the trampoline – everyday! *Gabriel […]

Gardens, Vacations and an Airplane pull!


  Our two oldest boys went on a trip to Grandmothers farm this week.  It’s their celebration trip for completing their 6th year of homeschooling. Everything they did on their trip deserves a post of it’s own.  The short list…ice skating, horseback riding, fishing and hiking.   This week  the little kids and I spent a […]