FREE Shoes and Buttons Calendar


  In this FREE Calendar Printable from 3 Dinosaurs, you will find: Button & Shoes Calendar Set: Days of the weeks, September, October, 2014, 2015, and 1 to 31 numbers (3×3). Button & Shoes Pattern Calendar: September, October, 2014, 2015, and 1 to 31 numbers (3×3) in an AABB pattern. Button & Shoes Single Page […]

The BIG List of 60+ Apple-Themed Free Learning Resources!

  An apple a day…But why stop there? Apples are a great way to make learning fun! There are so many apple crafts, worksheets, learning activities, experiments, and the list goes on. You don’t even need to have an apple to use some of the great resources in this list, but if you have one […]

FREE Shape Recognition and Cutting Practice Printable


  Blessedly Busy has FREE Printable Shapes and Cutting worksheets. They are a great resource to help your child identify shapes and practice cutting.   Click here for more free preschool resources! Be sure to follow the Free Homeschool Preschool board for constantly updated resources on how to homeschool preschool for free {& frugal!}.