100-Indoor Activities for Kids {FREE eBook!}

Today I’m offering a new eBook, “100-Indoor Activities for Kids {TV Not Included!}”  If you’re looking for a nice variety of simple, do-able, indoor activities for on less than sunny days; this is the eBook for you!  I want to thank my reading friends who added to my list with their great ideas too.  Together, we’ll fight cabin fever for these chilly months!

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While we’re at it–what are  your family’s favorite indoor activities?

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  1. says

    My little one has a pop up tent that she loves to play in and toss around! Although I have to watch her because sometimes she hides in there and has gets into mischief. (Like eating the brand new toothpaste I had just bought!) :-)

  2. says

    Hey!! I have been following you on Twitter and I had no idea you had a Facebook page! I am a new ‘liker’. Thanks for sharing your ebook with everyone! Love and blessings to you! Thanks for who you are and all of your love and wisdom you share with other women/moms/homeschoolers. :)

  3. Deborah says

    I don’t do Facebook either, but would love a copy of your book. Any way to make that happen? I love your posts and get them on my phone!

  4. Kristin N says

    I recently discovered Crayola’s window crayons and window markers. They are GREAT for rainy/cold/under -the-weather days. While they’re useful for creating boundless works of art, it’s easy to sneak in small lessons in handwriting, math, spelling, etc. My LO even enjoys using a squirt bottle of water and a rag to clean-up! :)


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